Sending a review invitation

Since you're here, we don't have to stress the importance of online reviews. What many business owners don't realize however is that the key to generating reviews is to ask for them, it's that simple. You can use Reviewshake to send review invitations by email and/or SMS, and the idea is to make it as easy as possible for the consumer to write their review.

Asking for reviews is a numbers game - industry averages dictate that roughly 5% of customers will leave a review, meaning that you will need to ask 100 customers to get 5 reviews. This obviously varies based on many variables, but keeping this in mind ensures that you won't be disappointed if you don't see all of your customers racing to write a review for you.

Make sure that you've setup your review sources before sending review invitations - that's how we know where to send your customer to write their review.

Make sure you're logged into your Reviewshake dashboard, then follow these steps to send your first invitation:

  1. Click Send invites in the top right corner, and select either email or SMS.
  2. Next, type in a Customer name and Customer email address. Alternatively if you've uploaded a customer list, select that from the dropdown.
  3. Now click Send now to send your first review invitation.

Your customer will now receive an email asking for their review, it's that easy! This was a quick introduction to review invitations - feel free to go into more detail such as setting up your own templates, uploading a customer list and using drip campaigns for more control.

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