Uploading a customer list

In the article Sending your first review invitation we discussed how to get started with asking your customer for a review. Doing this on a customer-by-customer basis typically work if you have a small number of customers, but as you grow you'll want to make this process more efficient.

The next step is to upload a customer list, and send the invitation to the entire customer list. This will obviously be a much quicker process, and likely result in a higher number of reviews. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click Customers in the left hand menu, and then click Customer Lists.
  2. Click Create Customer List in the top right corner to create your customer list.
  3. Next you'll be asked for a name of the customer list - use something descriptive like "Customers January" or similar to help you identify the list.
  4. You can now upload a CSV file of your customers, which is how you create the customers in Reviewshake. This file can be generated from Excel by saving the file as "Comma Separated Values (CSV)". Once the file is uploaded, click Next.
  5. We'll process the file and ask you to match the columns in your file to customer fields in Reviewshake - such as the customer email, phone number and name. Match those columns and click Next.
  6. If you're happy to proceed, just click Import and those customers will be imported into Reviewshake.
  7. Now you can follow the instructions in Sending your first review invitation, just remember to select this customer list when asked who to send the invitation to!

Once that's sent out, you can sit back and watch the reviews come in!

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