Showing off reviews on your site

Social proof is a proven method to build trust and drive sales for your business, and showing off reviews on your site is a great way of accomplishing this.

Start by going to Widgets and then Review Widgets in the left hand menu, and click Create new widget. You'll see these options:

As a brief summary of the options:

Widget type: this option determines what your widget looks like, and you can choose from slider, carrousel, grid, quote and list widgets.

Styling: where available, you can select a styling for the given widget type you have chosen.

Exclude reviews from: if you don't want the widget to show reviews from a specific site or sites, simply select them here.

Exclude star rating: you won't want to show off 1, 2 or 3 star reviews on your site, and this option allows you to control that.

Maximum reviews to display: determine how many reviews you want to show on your site.

Language: change the language of the widget based on where your website visitors are coming from.

Summary header: the summary header shows your average rating, review count as well as logos for each review site as well as the individual reviews.

Rich snippet: the rich snippet is a great way to increase click-throughs from Google, as it adds stars to the search results:

Once you click Create, we'll provide you with the code snippet required to show the reviews on your site. It will look like this:

<script src=""></script>

If you're unfamiliar with how to set this up, provide this code to your webmaster and they will be able to help you set it up. 

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