Billing methods

The Review Scraper API has two types of billing, to offer maximum flexibility based on your use case:

1. Pay as you go pricing

This is based on credits that do not expire.

2. Monthly subscription

You can subscribe to a plan and receive continuous monthly credits, at a lower price than pay as you go pricing.

We do not offer a free tier, though we can refund your payment within your first 30 days if you are unhappy with the service.

How pricing works

Regardless of which type of billing you choose, you will have credits which are consumed in two ways:

1. Base fee

The base fee of 10 credits applies to any new review profile that you add to the API via the add endpoint.

2. Scraped reviews

One credit is deducted for every scraped review.

Combining these two, if you were to add a review profile with 100 reviews, that would consume 10 base credits and 100 review credits, for a total of 110 credits. 

Similarly, if the review profile has 1,000 reviews, that would consume 1,010 credits.

Pro tip: Use the  from_date and/or blocks parameters  to limit the number of reviews that are scraped (and thus your bill), based on what you need.