Frequently asked questions

Do you condone supressing negative reviews?

Absolutely not. We will take your customer directly to the given review site so they can write their review.

There are three main reasons for this:

  1. It's not hard for your customers to notice when you're taking their happy reviews publically and negative reviews internally. Using these methods will cause your customers to trust you less, and your unhappy customers will inevitably find a way to get their voices heard anyway.

  2. It breaks the terms and conditions of most review sites out there, so can lead to problems for your review profile in the future. All it takes is one of your customers reporting your practices to the review sites, and you risk your profile being banned.

  3. Unhappy feedback is only natural for any business, and it makes you look real. In this sense, potential customers will be looking at how you respond to that feedback than anything.

As confirmation for this, note how the vast majority of "reputation" management companies don't actually advertise who their customers are. This is due to a simple reason - if they did, the review platforms would shut down their profiles based on their T&C violations.

Which platforms can you distribute reviews to?

We can distribute reviews to hundreds of platforms, including all general review platforms as well as most industry-niched review platforms. As a non-exhaustive list, check out our supported review sources.

If you use a review site that we don't support, feel free to add it to our feedback forum and we'll let you know once we do support it.

Are you a marketing automation platform?

You could see one component of Reviewshake as a vertically integrated marketing automation platform, built with reviews in mind. At a higher level, we're a review management platform and our tight integration into the review sites we work with provides you with a complete solution that general marketing automation systems do not provide.

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