Introduction to review invitations

You have five different options when sending your review invitations. The best choice for your business will depend on the volume of invitations you wish to send and the level of automation you wish to have.

These are your options, in increasing level of technical sophistication:

1. Single review invitation (manual)

This is the best option to use if you are sending a small amount of review invitations, such as up to 100 per month.

See Sending a single review invitation for instructions on setting this up.

2. Bulk review invitation by CSV upload (manual)

Sending bulk review invitations can be done by uploading a CSV file with your customer information, which is useful if you have a larger quantity of review invitations to send.

See Sending review invitations by CSV for instructions on setting this up.

3. Zapier integration (automated)

You can use the Reviewshake Zapier app to automate your review invitations from 800+ third-party services, which should take as little as 5 minutes to setup.

4. BCC email (automated)

Depending on how your system is built, this option may be the easiest setup. You are likely already sending your customers a receipt email for their purchases, and here you'd add a unique BCC address to this email which provides us the information about your customer.

Optionally, you can include a JSON in the source code of the email to provide us with more detailed information about your customer, such as order ID and custom variables.

See Sending review invitations by BCC email for instructions on setting this up.

5. API integration (automated)

You can hit our API in your application to send review invitations through Reviewshake. We have several API endpoints available based on your use case, and also have direct integrations with Shopify and Magento for maximum ease of use.

See Sending review invitations by API for instructions on setting this up.

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