SMS channel

Depending on your business and the customer data you have at hand, sending review invitations by SMS could be a great way to ask for reviews. We use the same enterprise-grade SMS solution used by Lyft, Nordstrom and countless other companies to send your SMS invitations.

Pro-tip: Your invites are sent from a shared phone number by default, and you have the option of sending from a phone number unique to you should you wish.


You can setup your own custom templates to be used when you send your review invitations. Use variables to inject customer information such as the customer name, order ID as well as custom variables that you can provide us for each given customer.

We make it easy for you to A/B test which templates are delivering the best results - you can simply setup your trigger to run two or more templates simultaneously. You'll then be able to see high-level metrics such as click-through rates to double-down on the template that performs best.

Need inspiration for your template? How about this one?

Hi {{name}}! If you like {{company_name}} could you click the link below and leave us a review? Thanks we really appreciate it :) {{review_us_lp}}

Analytics data

We track a number of events on a per-SMS basis, to give you insights into the emails that are going out:

  1. Send event
  2. Delivery event
  3. Click event
  4. Review event (depends on review site)

We also track a number of data points to help us improve your review conversion metrics.

  • IP address: The customer IP address and geo-location.
  • User agent: Customer data including time zone, browser, desktop or mobile and more.
  • Open time(s): Open times are used to optimize future review invitations to a given demographic.
  • Send/delivery times: Combined with open times to optimize future review invitations to a given demographic.
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