The Opt in landing page makes it possible for your customers (or employees on their behalf) to opt in to receiving review invitations from you, for example from a kiosk in your store. You can setup this landing page by visiting Landing page -> Opt in page in your Reviewshake dashboard.

To setup your opt in page, you will need to have a Setting up a trigger - your customer will get added to the trigger once they are opted in. This allows you to set a delay on the review invitation, reminders and more options.

You can edit your landing page (setting text, uploading a logo etc.) by visiting the landing page directly - you will see a blue pencil icon in the top left corner.

When this icon is clicked, it activates an editor on the page which allows you to make changes directly on the page. If you're happy with the changes, click the green tickmark, which will make those changes live.
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