You are likely already sending your customers a receipt email for their purchases, and here you'd add a unique BCC address to this email which provides us the information about your customer. Get in touch with your account manager to receive this BCC address.

We recommend that you add a JSON snippet in the source code of this email to provide us with more information about your customer and order. In case this is not available, we will use the name and email in the To field of the email as your customer name and email.

This is what the JSON snippet could look like:

<script type="application/json+goserve-v1">
"customer_email": "",
"customer_name": "Name MacNameson",
"order_id": "1223111",
"total_price": "1232323",
"currency": "USD",
"variables": {
"product_name": "Omega Seamaster",
"product_image": ""

Next, setup a Trigger to send out review invitations based on this information.
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