Finding your Yelp unique ID
In order for us to best provide our service we need your unique Yelp ID when you add your Yelp profile to Reviewshake. Follow these steps to find it:

Visit your Yelp profile
Click Write a review
Yelp will take you to a URL that looks like this:
The unique ID for this business is vEHYI6yshUuVfR_XtCXtEQ, in other words the part after /biz/ and before the ?

Asking for reviews on Yelp
While Yelp suggests against businesses asking their customer for reviews on their platform, the importance of online reviews has some businesses confused about how to proceed.

In an email sent from Yelp to MarketingLand, Yelp states

While we discourage business owners from asking for reviews, it is not necessarily a violation of our Terms of Service. However, it is a violation of our TOS if a business offers compensation in exchange for a positive review (or for the removal of a negative review)...

One method you could use to err on the side of caution is instead of asking your customers for a review, simply alluding to your Yelp profile as so:


I see you’ve recently visited our establishment, [business name]. I wanted to follow-up with you to check in about your experience. Did you enjoy everything?

We are committed to providing our customers with a fantastic experience, and your feedback helps us make that possible.


Thank you for your time,

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