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Campaign FAQs

Campaign FAQs

Campaign changes after it has been launched are inevitable. To edit an existing campaign, you can simply go to Invitations -> Campaigns and click the edit button associated with the campaign. Any campaign changes that you'll make such as increasing the maximum daily invites, changing the campaign schedules, or adding and removing reminders will be automatically applied once the campaign is saved.

Pausing a campaign

On top of the usual campaign modifications, you can also pause an existing campaign to immediately stop the invites from being sent out. To pause a campaign, visit Invitations -> Campaign and click the "pause" button associated with the campaign to stop the dashboard from sending the invites.

Any customer who will be added to a paused campaign will have a "paused campaign" status on their timeline.

Restarting a campaign

Restarting a campaign is as simple as pausing it. You can simply go to Invitations -> Campaigns and click the "play" button to unpause your campaign. This action will automatically trigger the invites following your campaign settings and schedules.

Updated on: 20/01/2022

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