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How do you route my invites if I have a multi-location business?

Customers for a multi-location business is routed to your landing page depending on how you add them. Three possible scenarios can happen when adding a customer to a multi-location account.

Adding customers via a specific location - adding your customers via a specific location would automatically direct them to the landing page where the invite was initiated. Let's say you have Location 1, 2, and 3. Adding the customers to a campaign at Location 1 while direct them to Location 1's landing page.

Adding customers at client level or main account - adding your customers at client level will route the invites to the client account's landing page. You can enable the location selection funnel to help your customers identify the correct location to leave their reviews. To do this, visit your Landing Page -> Review Us page -> select the Location selection funnel.

Location selection funnel

This how your landing page would look like when Location selection funnel is enabled.

Adding customers via CSV - you can also upload your customers in bulk via CSV and specify the correct location using its shortname. Once uploaded, our dashboard will direct the customer to the correct landing page when added to a campaign. You can download our sample CSV file here.

Suggested CSV header

Updated on: 18/03/2021

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