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Managing user accounts

Managing user accounts

When managing multiple clients and growing business, adding an additional user may come in handy to allow you and your clients in managing reviews. This article will guide you on how to manage each user accounts as you grow your business. 

You can manage the user accounts in your profile by visiting "Configurations" in your menu then select "Users".

Creating a new user

Click the green + New User button to start adding a new user to your account. You will be asked to enter the user's first and last name, email address, phone number, the client whom this user belongs to, and the type of user that they will be. 

Here are the two types of users that you can add:

Log in user - These are users who can access the dashboard. You can activate their access by simply adding a checkmark next to "Can Login". Once you click create, an email will be sent to these users asking them to create their password.

Non-login user - These users won't have access to the dashboard but will still receive notifications about reviews. Make sure to leave the "Can Login" box unchecked to set them as a non-login user.

Deleting a user

You can delete a user by visiting the Users page and look for the user account that you would like to remove. Click the red X (delete) button to delete that user from your account. Deleting a user will prevent them from logging in to the dashboard as well as receiving future review notifications.

Editing a user

There will be instances wherein you may need to change the user's access to the dashboard. For example, changing from a non-login to a login user type or vice versa as well as updating their email address. To do this, just simply visit your Users page and click on the email address of the user that you want to modify. Make sure to click Update to save the changes.

Updated on: 28/11/2020

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