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Enabling video reviews

Building your social proof is one of the important factors when running a business as it helps you gain more customers. As technology keeps on evolving and with the presence of TikTok, more consumers are relying on video when checking a brand's reputation. To keep up with the trend, we've added video reviews which will help you improve your social proof.

Enabling video reviews is as easy as adding a new review source. You can do this by going to Reviews -> Review Sources then search for "Video Reviews." Unlike a regular source, no URL is required when adding this. Just tick the box next to "Enable video reviews" and this should start showing on your landing page.

This is how video reviews would look like on your landing page once it's already enabled as a source:

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen if my customer choose video reviews?

After clicking "Video Reviews," your customers will be prompted to check their camera and microphone by clicking the "start camera" button. Just like when doing a video call using Zoom, Google meet or Skype, your customers will also have an option to choose the camera or microphone that they would like to use.

Will I be able to redo the video if I don't like it?

Yes, you'll be able to re-do the video in case you don't like the initial recording that you just made. Just simply click "Redo" to restart the recording process. On the otherhand, click "Upload" to start uploading your video.

Where will I see the video reviews that my customers left?

Just like a regular review, you can also find your video reviews when you go to your My Reviews page. On top of this, video reviews will also be included on your Review Widget.

Will I be able to download my video reviews?

Yes, you can download video reviews and upload it on your website, social media sites or marketing materials. You can find the download button when you go to Reviews -> My Reviews then look for the video review that you'd to download.

Updated on: 30/07/2021

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