Our goal with Reviewshake is to make it as easy as possible for you to manage and generate reviews, and a big part of that is playing nicely with third party systems that you already use in your company.

We have the following integrations available at present - get in touch if you would like use to integrate with a system that you use.


Zapier integrates with thousands of third party apps, and makes it incredibly easy to send your customer information into Reviewshake.

BCC email parse

Our BCC email parse integration allows you to BCC a unique email address that we provide in order to share your customer information with us. This is particularly useful for situations when you already send your customer an email, such as a post-purchase receipt email in e-commerce.


For the more technically savvy users, we have a fully-fledged API which makes it very easy to consume and write data to Reviewshake programmatically.


For when using a CSV is the easiest option!

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