It's easy to setup your Reviewshake agency portal under your own brand.

Custom domain

You can run Reviewshake on your own domain (eg. or subdomain (eg., which ensures that you own the relationship with your end-clients. By setting up your custom domain, all publically visible URLs are branded to your company, such as:

  • Reviews dashboard
  • Auto-generated review URLs in your invitation emails
  • Widget URLs
  • API endpoints

Setup your custom domain by visiting Configurations -> General Settings and click the Domain tab to get started. The process includes three steps:

  1. Setting your domain (or subdomain) CNAME record
  2. Approving our ability to generate a SSL certificate on your behalf, to secure your portal
  3. Activating the domain

Client emails

In addition to setting up your custom domain, you can also ensure that all emails that are sent to your clients are sent from your own agency email address. This is as simple as visiting Configurations -> Agency -> Email Setup and following the two steps:

  1. Selecting the email address you wish to email your customers from
  2. Setting up 3 CNAME records which give us permission to send emails on your behalf

     Pro-tip: Send these emails from a monitored address, in case your    
                   clients respond to the emails.

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