This option allows you to upload a CSV file with your customer information, which is useful if you have a larger quantity of review invitations to send.

Click Customers in the left hand menu of your dashboard, then Customer Lists. Create a new customer list by clicking New Customer List. and set a name for this list. The best name to use depends on your specific use case. Once you've set a name, click Create to confirm and move to the next step.

You'll now be asked to select and upload your CSV file, and then click Next. Your file will be uploaded and parsed, and you will see how many customers have been identified. You will now be asked to match the columns in your CSV to the fields on our side - customer ID, First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone.

Make sure to upload your CSV in UTF-8 format for maximum compatibility.

Pro-tip: You can use any of the following formats when adding the phone numbers
on the CSV file.

1xxxyyyzzzz     • 1xxx yyy zzzz      • 1xxx.yyy.zzzz    • 1xxx-yyy-zzzz    • 1 xxx yyy zzzz  
• 1 xxxyyyzzzz
   • 1 (xxx) yyy zzzz   • xxxyyyzzzz       (xxx) yyy-zzzz    • (xxx) yyy zzzzxxx yyy zzzz

The "Your Data" column will show the columns available in your CSV file, so make sure to match them to the relevant fields on the left to ensure a successful upload. Once you're happy, click Next and then Import to upload your customer list. These customers will now be available in your customer list.

To send a review invitation to this list, go back to your Customer Lists page and click the mail icon (Send Review Request) icon for the list you created. You will now be asked to select which template(s) and subject line(s) you wish to use, and once you're ready simply click Send Review Request to send this out.

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