Adding a widget on your site, or on a specific page of your site such as your successful order page could be a great way for you to collect reviews from your customers.

Check out our Widget review invitations demo to see what this looks like.


Our widget is a snippet of Javascript code that displays a modal:

<script type='text/javascript'>
  var s = document.createElement('script');
  s.type = 'text/javascript';
  s.async = true;
  s.src = '';
  var ss=document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];

This script is dynamically generated based on your domain, so don't copy and paste it from here. You can find it in your dashboard under Invitations -> Settings -> Widget.

You also have the option of providing customer information:

var customerData = {
  customer_name: 'test customer',
  email: '',
  phone: '+5523123233',
  order_id: 12345

Remember to replace the customer data above with your own values.


You can setup your own custom templates to be used when you send your review invitations. Use variables to inject customer information such as the customer name, order ID as well as custom variables that you can provide us for each given customer.

We make it easy for you to A/B test which templates are delivering the best results - you simply set which template(s) should be live, and which not. You'll then be able to see high-level metrics such as click-through rates to double-down on the template that performs best.

Check out our widget sample template if you need a starting point.

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