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Introductory information to Reviewshake as a company

4 articles

Getting started

Best practices if you're just getting started with Reviewshake

6 articles

Manage reviews

Everything you need to manage your reviews from one place

3 articles

Analyze reviews

Derive actionable insights from your reviews and compare to competitors

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Using our agency white label to manage reviews for your clients at scale

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Review sites

Information specific to our supported review sites

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Generate reviews

Review invitations

Asking for reviews is the best way to generate a constant stream of new reviews

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Landing pages

Purpose built landing pages for generating more reviews across 50+ sites

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Invitation channels

Use Reviewshake to send invitations using email, SMS and website widgets

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Information to help you get started with the Review Scraper API

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Frequently asked questions

Common questions that you might have as you get started

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