I added a review source but my reviews are not showing?

Our platform will automatically sync any reviews that you have the moment you add your review sources to your account. However, there are instances where the syncing process may take longer than usual, and this can be due to any of the following reasons:

  1. There are a lot of reviews to sync
    • Syncing your reviews normally takes minutes to hours, depending on the number of reviews that we need to sync. If you have a lot of reviews on one or more review sites, the tendency is it may take some time before you see these reviews on your dashboard.
  2. The review source was added incorrectly
    • There are instances where review sources were not added correctly. As a result, our system marks these sources as invalid, which prevents us from syncing and showing your reviews on your dashboard. You can always refer to the sample URLs on the Review Sources pop-up for guidance.

  1. There is scheduled maintenance or technical issue either from the review sites' end or our platform
    • Having scheduled maintenance is inevitable for any software product, as this helps everyone in making sure that the services are working properly. As a result, this maintenance may also affect the reviews from being synced in real-time. When this happens, please allow some time for us to sync your reviews. We will make sure that your reviews will be synced as soon as the maintenance is complete.

The maximum time for us to sync your reviews, given the scenarios above, is 24 hours. If, after this period, the reviews are still not showing, please reach out to your account managers to check the status of your review sources.

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