Add your review sources

The first step to getting started with Reviewshake is setting up your review sources - this is how we both sync your reviews into Reviewshake, as well as generate new reviews for your business.

You will be asked to set these up when you first create your account. If you skipped this step, you can get back to this page by clicking Reviews and then Review Sources in your left-hand menu. Next, search for or find the review site you want to add and click on it to add the source's URL.

Setting up Google (example)

We'll use Google as an example to show you how this is done.

You'll notice that Google gives you two options:

  1. Grant access
  2. Public access

The Grant access method is our recommended approach and requires you to have access to the Google My Business listing for the given business. Clicking Sign in with Google will ask you to give us permission to manage your location, and you will then be taken back to Reviewshake and see your reviews streaming in momentarily.

If you don't have access to the location, you can always go with the Public access method. Here we just need you to provide the search query which shows the business reviews in Google for us to sync those.

Setting up Agoda (example)

For other sites like Agoda, we will ask you for the public URL to your review profile in order to sync those reviews as well as generate reviews. The sample URL format you need to add will be provided on the review source pop-up.

Once that's been added, you will see the reviews for that source streaming in. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about this at all!

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