Reviewshake: Service & Support Commitments

We provide a best-in-class, all-in-one tool to generate and manage reviews to enable our customers and partners to boost their brand and keep up-to-date with their reputation with confidence.

We recognize that any downtime or service interruptions can have a material impact on your and your customer's experience and that continuity of service is a critical consideration when evaluating potential online partners.

With this in mind, we:

  • Are committed to providing a robust service with more than 99.5% uptime
  • Have a rigorous automated testing regime to ensure issues are identified and resolved proactively and quickly
  • Provide enterprise-grade support, guided by our service and support principles and underpinned by our service commitments.

Our Service & Support principles guide all of our support interactions with you; they are:

  • Speed: We work to address all support requests as quickly as possible; we’re empathetic to the impact on your business and strive to provide solutions as fast as practically possible.
  • Thoroughness: We don’t implement half fixes, we investigate every support ticket in detail to ensure any and all underlying issues have been resolved before we close out a ticket
  • Transparency: We openly share details on the cause of any issues, what we implemented to fix them, and any other pertinent information to empower you with the information you need.

Our Service & Support Commitments outline what you can expect as a Reviewshake Partner in terms of overall uptime, response times, and typical resolution times.

Our overall service uptime is 99.7%, you can view this data and see the current status of all of our services here. If we’re going to run maintenance on any of our services that will result in more than 5 minutes of downtime, we schedule this outside of business hours and notify all of our customers & partners who have subscribed to receive such notifications (if you have not already you can do so at the bottom of the page linked above.)

While our overall service uptime is 99.7%, it’s important to note that it’s not possible to guarantee this level of uptime on every site we cover; sites can implement layout changes or additional blocking measures without providing us notice.

As a result, we do occasionally encounter downtime of specific site crawlers. To address this, we proactively monitor the status of all of our crawlers, continuously running checks against a master set of URLs to quickly identify any issues. In these cases, typically, the cause is a change in the site layout / HTML, and we deploy a fix the same business day or within 24 hours of identifying the issue, however, there are some occasions where it may take longer (e.g. a site implements a new blocking mechanism, which can take some time to address.) On these occasions, we will provide regular transparent updates on the cause and our progress towards implementing a fix.

Issues with specific crawlers aside, for all Reviewshake support inquiries from partners and customers, we offer the following response time and resolution time targets:

Support Level Targeted Response Time Targeted Average Resolution Time*
Standard 24 business hours 5 business days
Priority 4 business hours 2 business days

Please note that while, on average, we can resolve support requests in the times outlined above, there are exceptions, such as the blocking example noted above, where changes outside of our control affect our ability to meet these targets. In these cases, we will communicate this to you with transparent and regular updates.

Our support team is available from 6 am - 4 pm CT Monday - Friday. Business Days are aligned to US working days, US public holidays are not considered working days.

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