How do I enable my Inbox?

In the world of online reputation management, staying on top of customer feedback and reviews is paramount. Thus, we created the Inbox to bring together SMS responses from your clients into one unified space.

Before enabling the Inbox, you need to have an inbox seat that you can easily add by visiting your billing page (Configurations -> Billing -> Usage -> Inbox seats and adding the number of Inbox seats you wish to purchase.

Enabling the inbox for SMB and Agency owner account

After adding the Inbox seat/s, you can proceed to enable the Inbox. To do this, go to Configurations -> General Settings and toggle the Enable Inbox button.

Enabling the Inbox for Agency clients

To enable the inbox for agency clients, go to Configurations -> Agency -> Clients and choose the client who wants to have the Inbox. Next, click the edit button associated with that client and look for the Enable Inbox button.

The Inbox comes with a dedicated phone number. Upon enabling the Inbox, our Support team will reach out to you to ask for your preferred area code and assign it to your account if available. In case you don't have any preference, our team will assign a random phone number to be used for sending and receiving SMS via the Inbox.

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