Managing clients

As an agency on Reviewshake, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to manage reviews for your clients.

Creating your clients

To create your clients, visit Configurations -> Agency and then click the green + New client and give your client a name.

Once you click Create, you'll be asked to set up your client limits, such as their monthly SMS and email, as well as the locations that they can add. You can skip setting those up in case you want them to send unlimited invites every month.

Once created, you'll be prompted to add review sources for that client, and your entire dashboard will be scoped to that client.

Managing your clients

Once you add a client, you'll see how it gets added to the company dropdown in the top-left of your dashboard. You can switch between clients with ease, and you'll notice how switching to a client scopes the entire dashboard, so you'll only see reviews, review sources, and more for that client.

Deleting your clients

Once deleted, all data for that client will be permanently and irrevocably deleted.

Should you wish to delete a client, you can do so by switching to your owner account from the Company dropdown, going to Configurations -> Agency, and clicking the RED delete button.

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