Setting up Organizations

Selling reputation management to other agencies is now easy. Currently, agencies can sell reputation management to direct clients or business owners. With the launch of our organization feature, agencies can now resell Reviewshake to other agencies allowing their clients to have their separate whitelabel dashboard, billing, and more.

Creating organizations

To create a new organization, go to your account menu located on the lower left side of your dashboard, select Organizations, then click + Add Organization

Any organization that you'll be creating will follow your whitelabel branding, which includes your custom domain, agency email, logo, and favicon. This information can be customized depending on the type of plan that you'll be setting up for your clients. Aside from these, your sub-organizations monthly allocation or limits would also depend on the plan that you'll be activating for your client. Activating an agency plan, for example, will enable agency features such as setting up a white label and having the ability to add clients.

Managing organizations

Managing and navigating your organization is as simple as clicking the organization button on the left side of the dashboard. You can hover your mouse over the buttons on the left to see the organization name.

Only an admin user can view all the organizations. Client or sub-organization users will be limited to their accounts.

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