Introduction to getting new reviews

The best way to consistently generate new reviews is to ask your customers for them - it's that simple! When doing so, we recommend the following:

  • Making it as simple as possible for the customer to write their review
  • Sending friendly reminders to follow up

Here is a brief breakdown of the process we follow:

Read on to learn more about each step of this process!

1. Add your customer information

We naturally need your customer information in order to send them a review invitation:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

To make this process as easy as possible, we offer several different ways of providing this customer information:

a) Opt-in landing page

The opt-in landing page is a dedicated landing page that is accessible from a unique URL that you can share with employees and customers to opt them into receiving review invitations

You can use this page to submit customers one by one or in bulk by uploading a CSV with this information. The main benefit of this page is that this is a link you can share with people who wouldn't necessarily log in to your dashboard.

Add customers from the opt-in page

b) Dashboard

You can also add customer information directly to your dashboard by using the Generate Reviews dropdown in the top right of your menu (one-by-one or in bulk).

Add customers from the dashboard

c) Zapier

Zapier makes it incredibly simple to automatically enter customer information into Reviewshake based on triggers in 1,000+ third-party systems.

Add customers from Zapier

d) API

We also have an API that makes it easy for you to share your customer details programmatically at scale.

Add customers by API

2. Review invitation is sent

Once we have your customer information, we're ready to send off your review invitation.

Add the customer to a (drip) campaign

By adding a customer to a campaign, you can adjust settings like:

  • Delaying the invitation by n hours
  • Setting a limit on the number of invitations that you can send daily
  • Scheduling your invites to be sent out based on your customer's timezone
  • Scheduling reminders if the customer doesn't click the initial invitation

Your invitation will be sent by email and/or SMS, depending on your preference and the customer information provided.

3. Customer clicks the invitation

The invitation is received by your customer, and they click it.

4. Customer is taken to the landing page

We'll take them to your Review Us landing page, which is a landing page that is dedicated to review generation - it's the only call-to-action on the page!

Here you can set up a funnel and adjust which review sites you want to show. You'll want to give the user some options of review sites, so they can select their favorite or most convenient site.

5. Customer writes a review

This is the best part - when you receive a review 🎉The review goes live, it's synced into your dashboard, and we send you a review notification - win!

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